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June 19th, 2009
Product Support
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Q: When I turn on my MP3 player it powers up and then shuts off.
A: This most likely occurs because of a low battery. Try another battery and see if this resolves the issue.

Q: I download the Songs into the MP3 player they didn't show when I try to play them.
A: This is a setting issue. The MP3 comes in default DRM setting to synch with Media Player to download music into your device, however if you are uploading music from your computer you will need to change your system setting:

  1. Using the toggle at top press down until the main menu of the device functions appear. Toggle to your right to “SYS” here press the toggle down again and now you are in system settings.
  2. Now, toggle over until you get to “online device”, press the toggle down and switch from Media Device to “USB Disk” press down again and this setting is now set. Now try and play back your songs or download from your files.

Q: When I try to Download, Remove or Play songs on my MP3 player, it say "LOCKED" and I won't let me do anything.
A: You MP3 player is at "LOCK" mode, just have the "HOLD" switch push to the other side and it should be find.

Q: How to set the time on your MP3 player

  1. Use the toggle switch on top to go to system settings.
  2. Just press down for extended period and you will see the system options, go to settings.
  3. At setting press the toggle down once and you will enter into setting menu. Go to Time. Press doggle down and you will see the time in a box.
  4. Use the “volume control” to select what you want to change (eg. Hour, minute, date etc.) use the toggle switch in either direction. To switch to next field use volume control
  5. Once finished press doggle in and return to main menu. It is saived.

Q: How do I change the language settings from English to another language?
A: To set the screen to show options and menus in any desired language, do the following:

  1. Turn on your mp3 player by pressing and holding "Play" button. Wait for the Features screen to load. For the MP3-512 Stick model, you need to press the "Mode" button to go back to the "Features" screen.
  2. In the Features screen, scroll right or left using "Mode" until you see the display show a tool (hammer or wrench) symbol. This is the Setting option in English mode. Select this option by pressing down on "Mode".
  3. Now in the settings screen keep pushing "Mode" left or right until you see a symbol with the letters "a", "b", and "c" or a box symbol containing the word "En". In English mode, this settings option is the "Language" option. Once again, press down on "Mode" to enter the language selection screen.
  4. Here you can choose from a preset list of available languages to display all menus/options/features in. Keep toggling with the "Mode" button until the desired language name is displayed. To choose this language, press down on "Mode".
  5. When you have found and changed the display to your preferred language mode (usually English), turn off your mp3 player by pressing and holding "Play" button. The next time you power on your mp3 player, its features/options/menus will be shown in the chosen language.

Q: How do I change the language settings from any language back to English?
A: For any mp3 players requiring AAA battery, the easiest way is to remove the battery from the battery compartment of the mp3 player and place it back in. This will restore all systems settings to default settings. For the MP3-512 Stick model (or any model containing internal battery), the systems settings are not reset to factory default even on low battery so you need to follow steps in section "How do I change language settings from English to any other language?".

Q. My mp3 player does not have 7 backlight colors. How can I get it to show the screen in different colors?
A. If your mp3 player model states in the user manual to have 7 backlight colors and if the captions "DIGITAL MP3 PLAYER" and "MP3/WMA/REC" are labeled above and below the mp3 player LCD screen, respectively, then the following instructions apply:

  1. Turn on your mp3 player unit by pressing the PLAY/PAUSE/STOP button.
  2. When the music screen loads, simply press MODE button to go to the player features screen. Toggle MODE left/right until you see "Setting" appear on screen. Press MODE again to enter the "Setting" feature.
  3. Once again, toggle left/right with MODE button to find the "Backlight" option and press down on MODE to select "Backlight". Now use MODE button (toggle MODE left/right and then press down on MODE) to set the timer on the backlight to one of several choices - "Alway off", "5 sec", "10 sec", "Alway on". Note that selecting "Alway off" disables the backlight and the player screen will not light up with colors at all.
  4. To change the backlight color, toggle right and press down on MODE to get to the "Backlight Mode" setting screen. Next, select a color - "White", "Cyan", "purple", "blue", "yellow", "green", "red" - or pick "Multicolor" to show all.
  5. Finally, press and hold down on PLAY button to turn off your mp3 player and save your new backlight settings. Your mp3 device will now show different colors on its screen.

How can you take full advantage of your MP3

  1. Power up your MP3 player
  2. If main menu does not appear press in top dongle until the main menu
  3. Using the top dongle go to SYS (system set up)
  4. Press dongle down and enter into system set up
  5. Dongle over to "online device", press dongle in and enter. You will
    have two options: Media Device and USB Device. You need to dongle to USB
    device, press dongle in (which saves the setting).
  6. Now plug your MP3 into the MAC

Now your MAC will recognize the device

1. Download Music to Source

  • Download form a online music store.
    1. Download online music to your computers Hard Drive.
    2. Proceed to “burn” the music on a CD by following the prompts in your CD Burning program. This will create a copy of Selected music from your Hard Drive to a audio CD. NOTE: Be sure to Burn a Audio CD and can be play on any CD player.
    3. Now your may “Rip” the selected music from your CD following the steps detailed in Downloading Music From a Music CD.


Ripping : Copying from a CD to your MP3 player

  • One of the one command program you can use for ripping a songs from a cd is Window Media Player 10
    • Here how you do it
      1. Insert the Music CD into your CD-drive
      2. Open Window Media Player 10. Select from “Programs” in Start Menu. Or you may download from www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/mp10
      3. Select from the top menu - "Tools" -> "Options"
      4. Select "Rip Music"
      5. Under "Rip Setting" Choose "MP3" as your format.
      6. Select the "Rip" tap. Now you should see the list of songs form your CD
      7. Select the songs you like to rip form the CD
      8. Click "Rip Music" and wait for Ripping process to finish
      9. Now you should find your songs in "My Music" (this is a folder in “My Documents”).
      10. Connect your MP3 Player to your computer. Copy and Paste the songs to your MP3 player.


  • To maximums the amount of songs you can have in your MP3 player and avoid technical difficulty it is recommended that you only upload music in MP3 format.
  • In case you did not download or Rip the songs in MP3 format you should use a converter program to change the songs into MP3 format, any converter program that will change any musice file format in to mp3 format will do.

3. Upload to MP3 player

  • The easiest way to upload MP3 files on to the MP3 player is directly copy the files to the MP3 player, here's how:
      1. Connect MP3 player to Computer.
      2. Find "My Computer".
      3. Open "Removable Disk".
      4. Copy the MP3 files into the "Removable Disk".


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