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We offer a wide range of innovative personal electronics.
   Our products are attractive, fun and easy to use.
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3 Eye Fish Premium and Incentives Division
The premium and incentive division is primarily a Solution provider to its clients. We are fully integrated promotional marketing services company with over 20 years experience in developing, executing and managing marketing, promotional and specialized retailing programs across canada.

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3 Eye Fish is a leader in producing innovative products. During our nearly 10 years in business the company has grown and expanded its product line to offer a wide range of cutting edge consumer products.

3 Eye Fish maintains an exceptionally strong commitment to research in order to identify, then to fulfill the necessities of consumer product demand. We've taken our commitment and our passion for innovation and applied ourselves to developing unique product solutions. We aim for excellence in everything we do, from our products to our customer service.






3eyefish signs on as exclusive Canadian distributor for iaPeel.

"It's the coolest new way to add a personal and protective touch to your iPod, Nano or iPhone and now Blackberry devices. All you need is an inkjet printer and your imagination - iaPeel makes it that simple! The glossy synthetic skin material sticks to your player and leaves no residue, allowing you to change designs anytime you choose. Plus it keeps your player good as new, by protecting it from scratches."

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3eyefish is proud to introduce bowldog


The innovative flat water bowl. It’s flat, flexible and turns into a stable, regular size bowl, by simply adding water. When folded, the bowldog™ may be attached to the leash, in your pocket or bag, or just placed in the glove compartment ready for use. Let your dog drink at any situation: Whether you’re out on your daily walk, on a picnic, camping or stuck in the middle of a road with a flat tire while your dog begs for some water….


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